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Just thought I’d pop in and say that even if you don’t have Instagram, you can now follow us through this blog! I have made it so that on the right side of the screen, my Instagram feed comes up (or if you are on a mobile, I believe it is down on the bottom of the screen). This means that even if you don’t use Instagram yourself, you can still see our posts anyway! Not all of my photos will be shared on Facebook, so the Insta-exclusive posts will still show up here as well:)

I know, I am very generous providing this, especially to the older generation of readers, you are very much welcome!:D

(Oh, and BTW, I am soon to go onto Snapchat again, after a few months hiatus, if you’d like to participate in our lives there as well, my username is linesmyk (which is the same as Instagram, so… yeah…:)))




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