I really am lucky.

I am actually going to write this post in praise for my husband. Not because I want to do a “LOOK at my perfect life everyone, and please be jealous!”-post  – but because he actually deserves a bit of praise. And I will tell you why.
When I first moved to Australia, I was very much alone. This didn’t bother me much, I was happy in love with him and Melodie and our dogs and I enjoyed life so much. The only thing was, he was my only friend (except for my besties, but being I am now talking about people I was hanging out with, so don’t be offended:)). This also meant that we pretty much spent all of our time together, and rarely hung out with others. When we did, it was usually Simons friends’ families, people that I did (and still do) like, but still, people we hung out with together, not separately.
I always said that I didn’t need it. I was happy. I had people I could call and talk to if I needed, and I was happy with his company (Thank goodness, since we did marry:)). This was a truth I still stand by today. I still really love his company and we still have lots of fun together, and if the rest of the worlds population was wiped out, we would not drive each other nuts. Much.
I joined playgroup in NSW, which is where I got my first Australian friends. And they are people I still treasure to this day and that I am so happy to have met. Then I joined the theatre over there, which really had the biggest difference. Something happens when you have children AND move halfway across the world and do not get to have a job. I struggled to find myself again. I love being a mother, and was quite content, but when I took that leap and auditioned for the first time, I was so worried that without them, there was no more Me left. And then I found me, and managed to be more than a mum. I met gorgeous people in that company and some that I will never forget<3
Fast forward till today, and I am sitting here, mentally preparing myself for being away from my family every night this week.
A few months ago, I auditioned for another musical, this one is called Mack and Mabel and we’re about a month and a half away from our opening night. When auditioning I prepared Simon for that again, it will be busy. That again, in production week, he will probably not see me in the evening at all. And if I am home one night, I will probably just rest, or perfect those harmonies. The house will most likely be neglected (my general ‘working hours’ are in the evening when kids are asleep), and I will make sure there is food and clean clothes available, but other than that – I make no promises. I will roll on home close to or after midnight, give the kids a goodnight kiss and then shuffle into bed next to him, pretty much worn out for the day. Yet, rehearsals and shows, as much as they are physically and mentally draining, I will be wide awake and ready to tell him ‘everything’ because it leaves you on such a buzz. And I will wake him and need to let it all out, and he will curse and snore his way through it all. This is the way it goes anyway.
This week though, the company is having a concert for their 50th anniversary, and I signed up to be a part of the ensemble for this as well. You might think I’m a bit crazy for it then, but I honestly just really like it. I love being on stage and being a part of it all, getting to know people, and dress up and sing and be someone else for a bit – otherwise I would not have done it! I only play a little part in some ensemble numbers, but I am mostly looking forward to hearing all the performers sing as well! This means that my week is fully packed with rehearsals for one show some nights, and performances for the other show the other nights.
This is why I want to praise him, because although me doing this means that every Sunday he has been left with the girls alone, and so many evenings where he does all the bedtimes and cleaning up after dinner and homeworks and everything – he doesn’t complain! The only complaints he has had is that he misses my company sometimes, which is fair enough, I miss him when he is away too, but other than that, he rarely says a word. When I told him last night that this week I need to be away every evening, he just said “That’s fine, You do what you need to do”. He knows that it makes me happy being able to do this, and in between studying and housewife duties and cooking and caring and everything in between al that – this space in the world where I am just myself is so perfect for me (which is totally ironic considering we do this in order to be someone else)! It also helps that I am making friends in the process! He is still, and will probably always be, my best friend here (no offence to any of my other friends, you guys still rock!), we have just been through too much to be where we are today for someone else to take over that spot.
He is a champion. He knows that as we get closer to production week I will be called at more and more rehearsals and he knows that once we’re in the theatre I will be there whenever I can/should. He knows that I will be one hundred percent committed and excited and jump around like a maniac because I really, really love it. And what’s worse, he knows that when it is over, I will come home, be heartbroken and miserable for a few days – as if my first boyfriend broke up with me and life will never be the same again – and then I will be looking for the next thing to audition for. Because that’s how it is.
He dutifully looks after the kids while I go shopping for tap shoes (and don’t mind paying for them either), he shares in my excitement when I receive a parcel with dance tights ordered from America, try them on and dance around in them because they fit perfectly and those tights just may have made my day! He listens to me rehearsing weird harmonies which makes no sense alone and repeating the same lines over and over – and he steers clear when I dance around on the floor trying to nail those steps. He stops whatever he is doing to watch me show him something from the show, he feigns enthusiasm because it is totally out of context and he has no idea what he is looking at, but yet, he tries. I am like a kid showing her parents the two lines on a piece of paper which is meant to look like a dinosaur or a sheep. And the parent claps and says “what a great drawing!” while mumbling to themselves “I don’t know what I am looking at.” Still, he does it all for me.
Showtime is exciting times, and it’s getting nearer. This is my official “Thank you” to my husband for being so patient and loving and caring and not at all minding the hours spent looking after the girls and the house by himself. It makes me (and makes me want to be) a better wife, a better person and a better mum. Because during all its craziness – I got to be just me!


Just a really awesome photo of us romancing it up in New York – we’re pretty much professional photographers.
Simon, my great big love, I am so happy that I have you – you rock:D



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