The Best Laid Plans

Every school holidays I get caught out. I keep thinking I am going to do stuff with the kids – plan it properly so that we don’t have two whole weeks of boredom and driving each other up the walls. But I quite end up failing. And I think the reason for this is that I never actually make plans. I also end up only finding activities that will cost a lot of money (and with up to four children on the holidays the cost gets up there!)This time I am going to do it, and I’ll write down twelve of our activities down and share it here (this way I will be held accountable for it, and then if anyone wants to join us in our plans, you’re welcome!).
1 and 2: Craft days! One of the weeks I will have the girls making sculptures out of what we call “trolldeig” in Norwegian, and then paint it a few days later. I remember doing this as a child many times and it was great fun. A little messy, but fun! The other week I shall have them cutting and pasting and gluing and whatever else may take their fancy.
3 and 4: Going to the city! The kids love getting on the train to the city, but I have done it enough times with them and know they get restless after a few minutes, so we usually drive to the Bonython park car park and get on the tram from there instead. It ends up being free, and the girls get to learn how to act on public transport without having to spend an hour on the busy train. We will take on trip to the markets (we all love them, and haven’t been for ages!) and one to the museum. They are both free activities, and not to much walking for little feet either.
5 and 6: Playdates! Hoping to arrange a playdate in each of the weeks – maybe a picnic lunch at a playground or something like that (who’s in?).
7: The WInter village! So Adelaide is putting on a snow show this month, and with skating rinks both in the city and the bay we need to at least get to one of them – more inclined to go to the city as it has the alpine village with markets and mulled wine (I might feel like home!).
8: The movies! So I have been promising the girls to see Finding Dory for ages, but you know, time and all that doesnt always work in our favour, so chances are we will go see it during the holidays! If we’re lucky, it might be in the drive in so we can rug up and see it there!
9: Beach time! So, I love the beach, and always feel so much better on the inside after having been breathing in that ocean air for a while. The kids obviously love it too, and even though the weather may be less than comfortable at the moment, there’ll be nothing stopping us from rugging up, making some hot chocolate in a thermos and packing a lunch to eat among the sand dunes while the girls let their imagination run wild in the sand.
10: Visiting the library. So, I have never actually taken the girls to the library before. They know what it is, but we’ve never gone there for the purpose of finding books and reading them or taking them home. We need to do this (if I can get them to be quiet long enough!).
11: IKEA! I always looove Ikea and love going there, and now that Sophia is old enough to go to the playland, I can actually walk around and see stuff without having to lift her down from every bed and chair and table their is – and they usually have activities on during school holidays, so there might be some balloon animals for them as well! Combining this with a trip to harbour town won’t hurt either!:)
12: Baking day! So I always try to do lots of baking during the holidays to prepare for the next term of lunches for the girls. They love helping me, so I’ll take advantage of that and try to get some done while they are here!

So that ended up being 12 activities. Considering there are three weekends and ten days, we should be able to get all those in, and I hope we can – they are all things they all love doing, and should keep them happy for a bit. In addition to this I have also bought a couple of those school activity books that might keep their minds busy for a bit – here’s to hoping!


Adding some photos from Sunday, when we went to Ballywire Farm and fed the animals and played some minigolf. Simon won as always, but the girls had a blast and the donkey nearly ate Sophias toy cat. It was windy and chilly, but there were heaps of animals and the girlies loved it!

What are you doing for school holidays?




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