I don’t know if we all go through stages of obsession as adults. We probably do. I remember going through a stage of making homemade fudge when I found out how easy it was making it in the slow-cooker. And now I can’t even stand the thought of it. We ended up having batches of it sitting in the fridge for ages. That’s 1,5 years ago – and now the thought of it gives me chills. I also had this obsession where I needed to use ALL my clothes. This was a way for me to get rid of what I wasn’t using, so I had to try everything at least ONCE before packing it away or getting rid of it. Fair enough, but my ocd meant I had to try it ALL. Up to and including my wedding dress.Yes. It was weird.

The kids definitely do it though. Obviously they have all been in the ‘Frozen’ and ‘Minion’ stage (and they’re still there actually) and Melodie has her dinosaur obsession, which is still very much a part of her life. Last year, when Melodie had started school for the first time, pretty much all their play was surrounding some sort of school situation. Teachers, students, reading and more. While in Norway, it was snow leopards.

These days, unicorns, cats and rabbits are very popular. And birds. They still make playtime much about school, but now, as Sophia has just started dancing, it just so happens to be ballet school or dance competitions. Recently, they have been making little dens around the house and they pretend to be different animals and they ask lots of questions about what kind of creatures live where they live and how they live. Obviously many of their obsessions are very educational for them (anyone out there that has had a conversation with Melodie about dinosaurs can vouch for that. Still remember a friend of mine getting a ride in our car a few months ago, and a dinosaur toy was on the floor. He said something like: “There’s a T-rex here.” And Melodie coldly put him in his place: “THAT is a Cryosaurolophus. Thanks.”)

It’s not just what they play with though. Sophia has this thing where she changes her voice to sound like other people. She’s hilarious. Melodie insists on saying things such as ‘cannot’ and ‘do not’ instead of what most of us say; ‘can’t’ and ‘don’t’. They name their toys and themselves through play the same names, too. If you ask Sophia what her cat is called or what her pretend best friends name is, it is Lucy. Every time. If there are two toys that needs naming, the other one will most likely be Andrea. (When we were in Norway, two older girls came to see the kids a few times, and those were their names. So now everything has those names!)

I don’t think their obsessions are bad in any way. In fact, they can be highly entertaining, although a bit predictable some times. I would hate for their obsessions to turn towards electronics and the likes at this age. Luckily, they are still kids both in their head and at heart, and I intend to keep them playing for as long as I possibly can, obsessions and all.


(just throwing a photo in there as I haven’t for ages…:))

What’s your obsession?




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