Status Quo

Today I had a boy come up to me with a letter as I pulled up in the driveway. I saw him while coming down the street, he was putting something into peoples mailboxes on our street, but since I was there, he put it straight in my hand. He told me his brother was having a party on the weekend, and that it was just a notice.

I thanked him, and went inside to read it. And I had some faith in the younger generation restored. Here we have a young man, not even 20 years yet, who is going to have a celebration for his birthday. There will probably be alot of people there, and they will probably be noisy. All this he mentioned in the letter, and apologising in advance, urging people to let him know if it ends up being too much. These are neighbours that make no noise otherwise, and who helped look after our house while we were away. It is a good family. And now I like them even more. We can handle a night of partying in our neighbourhood. And they didn’t have to say a word, all of these houses are freestanding. But I really liked it! Good on them, keep being awesome, kids:)

This week is kinda like the first week back, as we’ve had school holidays and things haven’t been back to normal completely. Melodie had her first day at school, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Walking up to her new classroom and class, it was as if she was a celebrity! Some girls were watching her while she put her bag away, talking amongst themselves, asking me if she was, in fact, Melodie? As I confirmed, they all smiled and giggled and were eager and ready to show her her seat and help her sort her things out. The kids from her own class were happy so see her, and I left her there with not many worries. Obviously, training new people to do her diabetes care is the only worry, but the day went excellently and I have no doubt that the year will go great with them looking after her.

It was also time for her to start gymnastics again, and Simon is happy to start again doing the gardening there. Doing community things makes us feel good. Contributing to something positive in the area is rewarding.

For myself and the other two girls, we’ve enjoyed the very first day at home by ourselves. They are getting so good at playing together, and together with their big sister, so they were missing her quite alot. We will start the kindergym again next week, and since Sophia starts ballett Wednesdays that will probably be our day for that. Trying to fill the days with funsies for them – as I am not that good at coming up new fun stuff all the time:)





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