The Cleansing

One of the things I have done since coming back here is having a massive cleanse. Or a clean out if you want. I started out with the kitchen, getting rid of everything I wasn’t using and chucking stuff we’d never even seen before (Like, I had 50 tea-towels?? How?). Then I went to the children’s clothing, and donated bags upon bags of clothes I had never seen, I didn’t like the look of, were ill-fitting or just simply we had too much of. And it felt great. Next, I am tackling my beauty stuff. You see, in the last couple of years, I have worked my way up to a pretty big collection of ‘beauty items.’ Make-up, creams, hair products, brushes, cleanser – you name it. So much stuff. And I barely use it! I don’t use make-up often, and if I do, it is a very small amount. Still, I end up buying more stuff. So now I am putting a spending ban on myself.

I will not give myself permission to buy anything new until I have no more of that particular thing. So If I am down to my last mascara, I will be allowed to get a new one. But that’s it!

I set out today to organise everything I have into piles of same stuff. Then, I decided on 20 things to put in my ‘use daily’ box. The point is that I have to use something in there daily! Now, I am not restricted to use only that, but if I can avoid using other stuff, then that’s great! Then, as it is ‘used up’ or I find it doesn’t work, I’ll chuck it and grab something else, preferably in the same category. Then, if I am all out of that ‘thing’ I will be allowed to buy ONE new one. Tough love here. (obviously, if something is given to me for free, I’ll take it…J)

The only things I won’t be using is nail polish and lipsticks. I don’t use them anyway, so there’s no point in putting one of each in there just for the sake of it.

I have written down what is in my ‘use daily box’ now to start with, and hopefully I can update it soon with some changeovers. I have also written down what I think will happen to it, if I will actually get through it or not…)


  •  1-Micellar cleansing water (not that much left, and actually gets used)
  • 2-Lip scrub (this one will be there for a long time I think)
  • 3-Pore Minimising cream (a sample… Don’t know how it’s even used haha!)
  • 4-Hand sanitiser (lol, I have heaps but never use them, so I chucked one in)
  • 5-Dry shampoo (I think I have at least five, and I always buy new ones)
  • 6-Body oil (brand new, we’ll see how it works)
  • 7-Face mask (a bit of a cheat, as it will be replaced quickly seeing there is only one in the pack)
  • 8-Miracle skin cream (I use this instead of foundation, but I’ve had it for six months, so I don’t know how long it will last..)
  • 9-Mascara, RollerLash (I have at least five waiting for me, but this one is fairly new)
  • 10-Face perfector, a base (considering I hardly use make-up, this might stay forever, but it feels like it might be chucked out before I’ve finished it)
  • 11-Blush (will probably stay forever)
  • 12-Fixing powder (as above haha)
  • 13-Lip balm (I am terrible at using this, and considering there was at least five in my collection, this might make me use it!)
  • 14-Nail cuticle balm (it’s pretty much full, but I have no idea how long it will take)
  • 15-Eye-shadow palette, big (and..)
  • 16-Eye-shadow palette, small (as I rarely use it, they may never be swapped for something else..)
  • 17-Brow Gel (almost empty, It might be one of the first to go!)
  • 18-Eye brow pencil (I will actually try to use it more, so maybe in a few months…J)
  • 19-Wet Eye-liner (pretty much only for going out…)
  • 20-Normal Eye-liner (more often used, but then again no…)


Cleaning out your life, whether it is make-up, clothes, other crap or other toxic things that might have a disturbance of your life, is really good! I feel so good when dropping off a bag of donation stuff to the op shop, and whenever that bin is full of random crap from our house I feel heaps better too… Time to declutteeer!:D

(BTW, If you have any comments on this beauty-product thing, such as if you want me to write about it, let me know in the comments or whateverJ)





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