It’s been nearly two weeks since we returned to Australia, and more than that since posting anything here. There are several reasons for that, but the most important one is obviously the fact that we’ve been hanging out together and it has not been a priority…:)

I have, however, considered the challenges I make for myself, and although a failed the last one (and I haven’t gone back to check the ‘score’) I will try it once more. The week that I returned, I set the challenge for myself to have all my bags unpacked at the end of the week, and I did make it. (I have a tendency to unpack most, but then just leave the rest behind.

Then I decided on not doing one the week after, and that leaves us with this week. For the next fortnight I will again try to write every day. It has failed me in the past, but I need to be able to now!

So that’s it:) Anyway, our time back home here has been great so far, been catching up with friends and Simon has had holidays so we’ve been able to do lots of fun stuff together. Being reunited with Joey has been sweet as, and she is so doting around the girls now and they are all loving on her as if they never want to be away from her again.

We suffered from jetlag the first days, I couldn’t sleep until the middle of the night, and the girls would all go to sleep as normal, but wake up at midnight and be wide awake for a few hours. It was slightly driving us mad, but it all turned around and they are happy now:)

Today is Anzac Day, where we remember the veterans who have been and still do fight for our freedom and country, and seeing Simons family had many who served (and as he is currently serving) we care about this day greatly. He goes back to work tomorrow, so after our day together today it will just be us girls left. We do have an appt. at the hospital tomorrow however, so we will see him again soon then. Melodie still has this week left of school holidays before it is back on next week. Back on with gymnastics, kindergym and all the rest. I have enrolled Sophia in dance lessons, so hopefully she gets to start them soon as well.

Hope you all are well!




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