Things I look forward to

Having been away from home for such a long time will obviously make me miss certain things. And we have had a great time here, no regrets at all, but I’m sure you all expect me to miss Simon, Joey and sleeping in my own bed. That’s kinda given. However, because I am a weirdo, I have weird things that I look forward to when we arrive back down under in a week. Here’s my list of “uuuhm?”-things I can’t wait to do:

  • Opening up mail. I love mail! I love getting the mail, sifting through it, reading the specials, opening up letters and I generally check the mailbox several times a day. Here I am lucky if I get to do it once, and it’s not like I am getting any mail anyway…
  • Driving my car. Oh, that big beast of a car that is all mine, where I am the king of the road and I can store whatever stuff I want in. I miss you<3
  • Putting my things back in their permanent space. My make-up will have its own place. My clothes will be back in a system. The suitcases will be tucked away and not half-packed or just sitting there. Although my stuff has somewhere here, too – they are also just holidaying!
  • Cooking dinner every day. I have been super lucky being here. My mum does most of the cooking, not because I don’t want to but it just… happens that way! So I am looking forward to planning every meal for the week and do it all by myself:)
  • Watching Home and Away. That half hour while Simon would usually bathe the girls is usualle spent watching H&A – and I love it. But it is not aired here at the same time, so I am missing out!
  • Using my new kitchen machine! Simon bought me an awesome christmas present, but I have yet to use it, so from next week on you will find me in the kitchen. Baking:)
  • Baking stuff for Melodies school lunches. Bring on that machine! I have got lots of inspiration for stuff to make for her, so I am excited to cook for her school tucker again:)
  • Ice cubes. When I was a teenager, I learned about the ice machine fridges and promised myself that I would one day have one – an endless supply of icy goodness. Before I left, our fridge was kaput, and we indulged in one with this option. It was one of the happiest moments of last year! Simon has made sure it works, so I can now devour as many as I like. Heaven<3
  • Sleeping in or taking a nap in the middle of the day. Because, even if I asked my parents to look after the children for me so I could have a rest, a question they would be glad to say yes to most times, I just don’t. But coming back and having Simon there, I know that this is now something I can do every now and then. He will take them to the park or outside playing while I can snooze away.
  • Putting the Norwegian food in my cupboard. I have a lot. It is just sitting there in my suitcase, but I can’t wait to fill it up with goodness and know I can have the taste of Norway still with me<3

Sooo, I know I am weird, but hey, I admit it, gladly:)

These are just the funnies, there are of course the more important things I am longing for, but what’s the fun in those?:)



(btw, this was scheduled to be posted earlier today, but I don’t know what happened… Bah, love technology..:))


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