Back again

The long holiday here in Norway have been great, but there have been some of my dear old friends I haven’t had a chance to meet. Some of them have moved away from their hometown, and haven’t been home since Christmas, and when I had a chance to go to Trondheim for a visit (not sure if I invited myself or not, but a yes is a yes, right?:)) I had to go! I had a great weekend catching up with her and although I arrived home a few hours after midnight on Monday morning, it was totally worth it and I will be sure to invite myself back there next time I’m in the country!:)

But now I am back here, and, because I have already handed in the first essay for Uni, I now have ‘only’ the weekly tasks for a bit, so I figured for this weeks (and only one week this time) challenge, I’ll finish three of the books I am reading. I have three books that are readings for the unit, and one that I started on my way to New York which never made it any further than halfway. It is a short one, so it should be fine. I am almost done with two of the three readings for Uni, so if I can finish them I will be thrilled!

I wrote a blog entry a few months ago, about a reading challenge, and when I finish these three books, I’ll be able to tick off some of the boxes there:) Which is pretty good!

I hope people are having a great Easter out there, we are staying home and just hanging out this one, but hope others have great skiing weather and stuff!:)




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