I have previously mention my not being particularly religious, but I have been to church many times in my life. My paternal grandmother, in particular, was very religious. She would often play hymns and christian songs in her house, and she had plenty of books and stories for children about Jesus and other biblical tales (hence me having a fair knowledge of Christianity before making an informed choice.).

She would also go to church and to church assemblies, and if we were at her place, there were times we would come along with her. This often happened around the christian holidays, such as Easter and Christmas, and I do have fond memories of them.

One day I opened up my mothers drawer full of treats, and I saw these little square packs of lollies – and the memories of church were flowing back into me as if it all happened yesterday. You see, whenever we went to church with someone (with any of my family), were it a normal church service, a funeral or a christening, we would be given these little packs of lollies. I am pretty sure it happened every single time. Someone would have them in their handbag, and when us kids started stirring up, (as we’d do because an hour of church for little children is a little boring…) we would be given one. It probably kept us quiet for the next ten-fifteen minutes, and we were happy! They came in green, blue and red, and the blue ones were the best ones. The pictures on the back were like collectibles, and we’d compare them to each other.

There were also the variety called ‘Gomp’ and ‘Stupedama.’ I don’t know if any of them are still around though…

Aah,the small, random things that trigger memories, hey?




One thought on “Distractions

  1. Haha, yes the things that trigger special memories can be so small. ….i seem to remember there were all sorts of interesting things in my grandma’s handbag to keep us occupied during church. … There used to be plastic figurines in the weetbix packets that she collected for us amongst other things. Thanks for sharing. …happy thoughts xox


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