I may not understand, but I love you.

We are all facing challenges every day. For some people we struggle not to reach for the bottle. Other times we fight with ourselves to even get out of bed. Sometimes it’s so damn hard not to lose it and scream at the top of our lungs – and other days we just want to sit down and cry. Some of us struggle with food – too much, too little – and some of us can never seem to relax.

And some of us are lucky not to have a mental disorder that gives us grief every minute of the day – but still struggle with things others may not. We all have our battles and we all have our insecurities.

Many of us are suffering in silence. Many never dare telling anyone about what goes on inside their minds and their body. Few are open and honest – and when we are, we’re often met with misjudgment and misunderstandings, not to mention belittling.

When opening up about our fears and the thoughts that keep running through our minds, whether serious or seemingly harmless, we are often met with the “Get over it”-mindset. People often use the “Cheer up!” line or the “It could be worse, at least it’s just in your mind” – mixed with “Oh, I have that all the time, it sucks, hey?” The others just don’t get it – how it can be crippling and take over everything at once.

You don’t need to get it. You don’t need to feel it. You don’t need a clever line to ‘make it okay.’

To my dear ones, my close ones – to you:

I may not understand it – but I love you.

I may not have any advice – but I’ll hug you.

I may not know the right words to say – but I’ll listen.

I might need you to teach me – but I promise I’ll learn.

I probably will never fully get it – But I will never give up on you.


I may not understand it – but I love you.




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