New York.

Because I am back at the hotel after having some breakfast, I figured I might as well do some writing now, while I have some time on my hands – because when Simon comes I don’t want to be sitting on the laptop constantly!

First thing first  – I love it here. After less than 24 hours I can say I already find this place amazing.

My flights went well, a delay on the first one, then a massive line-up through double customs, ending up in the airplane here waited for me (obviously the airport has some issues, as it was not my fault at all!), and I didn’t even have time to go to the toilet in between the flights! The second one was rather quick, and I watched some movies, and probably pissed off the people in the seat next to me. The man had sat down in my seat, so he had to move to the other side, and they were a whole group of Jewish people and all they did was talk to each other in Hebrew and look at me with angry eyes. They even took my pillow and blanket, and the girl right next to me spilled water on me without apologizing! I wasn’t fussed though, I was quite happy – but unfortunately she got sick and vomited at the end of the flight, so maybe karma came to fly with us…:)

As I was figuring out how to get to the city, I just hopped on the first and best idea – or so I thought! My head automatically assumed all trains would end up at Grand Central, which is a three minute walk from here, but this wasn’t the case. Ending up at Penn station, I soon realized I had a bit of a walk ahead of me, and didn’t know I could just get on the subway. Anyway, I walked up to Times Square, and figured I’d just find my way from there. And then I saw the line up for the Broadway tickets. It was already huge. I was meant to check-in to the hotel and then go back, but I figured I might as well stand in line now and get something, than miss out altogether.

And hour and a half later, still with my suitcase wheeled through the massive line-up – tossing between which show to choose, I stood there, ticket in hand, ready to see the story of how Peter Pan came to be – Finding Neverland.

Getting hungry now, I decided to just find my way to the hotel and then figure out the rest, so I started walking. After not being able to remove my boots while travelling (and of course, I went in heeled boots!), my feet were getting somewhat sore. However, I was determined to get there. I kept looking at the taxis to find out how to hail one, but I realized I should ‘just keep swimming!’

It really didn’t take me that long at all, and once I arrived here, I took the shoes off and just laid on the bed. I made it!

Even after pretty much just a lot of walking, I love it. I knew I would though – as I have always had a think for big cities. I am totally in love with Sydney, and London is also a favourite – but here, it is just crazy weird. It’s not beautiful or charming or lovely in the way other cities I’ve been to (not yet anyway) – but I just feel great walking around anyway.

Everything seems both dodgy and safe at the same time, people are generally smiling and polite, however the cars are angry bastards! I feel both safe and insecure at once, and I think I even feel less unsafe walking around in Adelaide late at night than I did last night!

I was smart, and looked up how to get from here to Broadway again last night. Not because I couldn’t walk, but because I didn’t want to be late! Pretty easy and straightforward, and once on there, there was a guy playing music and singing to the passengers! I loved it, and was singing along, although people were looking at me as if I was weird. These are things I’ve heard of, of course, and getting to see it just warmed my heart:) Then, stepping out on the other side, another man was singing, this time opera. I really could get used to all this music everywhere.

Finding my way up to the theater was a piece of cake, and once inside, I just had to take a moment and take it all in. It was so beautiful and gorgeous, and I had a really good seat so I was really looking forward to the start. The show had a celebrity, Kelsey Grammar, who was so funny to watch, and it was amazing and heart-breaking and full of magic tricks! I loved the little boys’ acting, (and adults, but those boys!) and was just in awe of the energy and the set was incredible! I want to be in this show one day:) I was both funny and sad, and I want to see it again. However, Simon and I may go see one Saturday, but it will be a different one.

On my way home, I decided to go to some shops, and look around, and although it was closed to midnight, many were still up. I’m in the city that never sleeps, of course. Finding my way home, I initially planned on walking, but I hopped on the subway again, because I was getting awfully tired. I even closed my eyes during the intermission of the show, as my jetlagged self was worried I’d fall asleep during the actual show! (Not a chance though, not that show anyway)

It was weird, walking around by myself. I do enjoy my own company, I have travelled alone before, so I don’t mind at all. But there was people out still, but it felt quite empty regardless. So even here, in this huge city, I was almost alone.

I have had breakfast today, and am now back at the hotel. Still a few hours to go until Simon arrives, but I’m out the door shortly!




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