Last challenge was all about posting video clips – which I only just scraped through! But I did! So the tally is now 2 completed and one failed… This fortnight, seeing we’re going to New York and all, I am going with something simpler. In Norway we have this thing that we call “stemningsrapport.” Which is when you post a photo or a short clip to show other people the kind of mood or feel there is where you are right now – in the moment. It can often be at an event such a concert, at a cafe, snuggling at home – or anything that will give someone a slight understanding of what you are doing right now. It is usually only accompanied by very few, short sentences – or no words at all!

This is what I’ll do next! The following two weeks I will (hopefully) post at least Twenty of these ‘mood reports’ here. Obviously they’re meant to be posted ASAP, but seeing I’ll have limited internet access for half of the time, I’ll give myself a deadline of 90 minutes until I can post it (otherwise you’ll just see a bunch of photos from our hotel room, which might get boring…:P).

I hope you enjoyed the video clips though, and maybe you’ll pop in to see my little updates! With the goal of twenty, I don’t NEED to post one every day, and can do several when I feel the need for it. They will all just have one-word titles as well, and only one full sentence.

I hope everyone is having a good day – we got a new layer of snow today – this neverending winter is taking us on ski adventures and sledding trips with loads and loads of snow! I love it!




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