To plan, or not to plan

I am a planner. I love planning. I love making lists and ticking off boxes and I love making plans. Alot of my plans never happen, but I do like to plan things. I try to plan hangouts with friends and I plan what we are having for dinner. I like making plans about the near future and about what lies many decades ahead. Whenever we go somewhere, I love planning what to do, eat, wear and the who, whats, whens and hows. There is a common misconception that planners – like me – don’t do anything spontaneous, but it’s not true, not in my case anyway. Our life is filled with little spontaneous outings here and there, and it’s not like it has to be pre-planned before it happens.

I am planning. Constantly. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction – and when plans changed, it would upset me. This was closely linked to my mental health, and recently, my coping with changed plans have gotten smoother and easier. I mean, it just means I get to re-plan things, how great is that!?

Now that we are going to New York, we have made the decision not to plan anything. We just want to have the weekend to ourselves, and then figure it out as we go. We have a few things in mind we want to see/do – and that’s it. We decided not to make a full on itinerary of where to go and at what time, we will just go with the flow.

But then we start thinking. We really would like to see this, go there, shop in that shop and eat breakfast there. And then I struggle. I could do it. I could easily sit down and come up with the best way to distribute our time together over the course of the day – but we don’t want to because we just really want to be together, and who cares if we don’t get to do Everything. And every day that I am closer to seeing him, I ease a little more because I know that once we’re together, it will all be fine. But then, I stress out because I HAVEN’T planned our weekend!

One step we took to satisfy my planning-need, was to make a booking at a restaurant on the Friday night. Purely for practical reasons, of course (if you believe me…:P). I also have written down some things I may or may not try to do before I pick Simon up at the airport on the Friday, as I have over 24hrs to myself over there.

I really do love planning. But the plan not to plan is doing my head in:) I’ll just keep telling myself that I’ll be fine….:)


Just shooting through another video clip – this time it’s the girls playing in the snow for a bit:)







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