Do you know what I feel should be eradicated from society?


I honestly thought that dealing with adults, I wouldn’t have to be subjected to judgement on a regular basis. And I didn’t expect the people that claim to love me to be some of the worst perpetrators.

I try not to, I honestly do. I try to, when seeing or hearing something that may be a bit off (according to myself, or society), ask why and how, instead of acting irrationally and throwing accusations around without trying to find out the facts first.

Most times, this kind of judgement is passed behind someone’s back. Without them being able to explain or defend themselves and avoid being the victim of people who have no time for them otherwise. And often, people spread the lies that they have come up with in lieu of answers (answers they would have had had they bother checking the facts first.).

The thing about judgement is, that without the proper facts and inside knowledge, you will never see the full picture. Maybe you have a piece of the puzzle, but there are always far more pieces that you will ever uncover, and although the one piece you have found tells a story – it may only be a chapter. In so many cases, one chapter is never enough to understand someones’ story.

Another thing is, that once that judgement is fully set in your mind, changing someones’ opinion is next to impossible. If you even get a chance to explain, that is. People tend to stick to the made-up narrative in their head instead of considering the facts given. And it is sad.

Instead of judging and throwing shame and accusations around, people need to try to see further. Try to understand. Ask why and how, and sometimes who. Instead of jumping up and reacting to a situation that may not have anything to do with you in the first place? And maybe you fail to see the other side of the puzzle-piece as well? The one where things may not look so bad, because there is an actual answer to the questions your judgmental mind made up?

I really feel that the people that claim to care immensely need to try to get to know that person first. How are they meant to trust each other if not? How are they going to be comfortable that there is no judging going on? I certainly won’t.

I’m tired of defending and explaining myself to deaf ears. I’m done.




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