Start spreading the news!

I’m leaving tod- well, not today, but soon!

Before the weekend I wrote a post about how I wanted to share something fun and exciting for me, but then we got this blow that made me not excited anymore because I felt that I shouldn’t. I’m over it though, at least in the way that as long as I can’t do anything about it, I am not going to let that affect how I feel about other things.

When we knew we were going to be apart for such a long time, Simon and I were looking at ways we could see each other halfway, to make the separation easier for us. Then we were told that due to his work commitments, we couldn’t. Which was a bummer for us, but we figured we’ve done this before so just bring on the tough days.

Last week, though, we spoke on the phone and he mentioned it again. Why couldn’t I come all the way to see him? But between the travel time being almost as far as to Adelaide, and the cost going through the rood, we decided against it. Again, we said it would be great if we could meet up somewhere in the middle. “Why can’t we do that?” he said, and I once again reminded him of his travel restrictions, to which he said; “No, I’m sure I can make it happen.” We looked at prices for flights and accommodation and started getting excited about what we could possibly do if we were alone for a whole weekend, in one of the greatest cities in the world?

New York has been on my bucket list my entire life. So has seeing a musical on Broadway. And walking around in Central Park. That’s all I want to do. That’s all I NEED to do.

The next day we spoke again, and he had gotten in all confirmed; he could go away for the weekend to see me. Oh boy, we were excited, and Thursday afternoon I sat down at the computer and booked my tickets. The very same night I booked a hotel for us, and last night it was time to get him a ticket as well. And now the excitement is building!

I am still so excited about being able to go to New York, even for just a weekend! And of course, I am so excited about seeing Simon, I just can’t wait!! Really, I could stay in the worst hotel in the city and live off of old crumbs as long as I am with him – but now we get to have this experience together, in one of the awesomest places (that I have never visited…:P)!

I also just got my travel authorization, so now I am ready! I’ll be leaving in a little more than two weeks, and I am through the roof with excitement. We haven’t been alone together since before the kids were born, we’ve had close to 24 hours, so this is going to be an adventure (and a challenge, because suddenly, we are just us again!).

New York, I’m coming for you – bring all your awesomeness!




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