Why, life, why?

You know, I was coming here today, ready to share something exciting about my life, something that has made me super happy in the last couple of days, something that has improved my overall well-being because one of my childhood dreams are about to come true…

And then, instead, just as I was starting to type, I received some devastating news. Not in a way that lives have been lost or someone has done something bad or anything personal. But to me, in my privileged life, it is still awful.

Becoming an adult, and having children, sacrifices are made. And we were for once going to do something for ourselves – something we deserve, and something we have earned. And then, something out of our control (and out of anybodys control) happens, and I feel shit about it. I know, it is one of those vague things that may never be fully explained.

Let’s just say that we, always, try to improve our lives, and alot of that has to do with finances. And when we are finally catching a break, something happens (every time!) and we are back to square one again. If we had something or someone to blame it would be so much easier. But as long as it is just a “thing” – we just have to accept it and move on.

I’m sleeping on it, and will hopefully feel much better in the morning. There’s a storm here tonight, so we may or may not have power tomorrow, that’ll be interesting…:)

I’ll just sulk and feel sad for a few minutes first…:(

(and tomorrow, I will still stop by to share my news, when I feel good about it again:))




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