An active day

Melodie was very impressed with herself yesterday. She had been so super active, and her brain was working overtime because of so much fresh air that she had to stay up late, she told me when she went to bed.

The kids started the morning with gymnastics in their room, before moving onto the outside playtime. The most annoying thing about Norway is that kids need to actually get dressed to go outside, as it is very often wet or cold. We are very good at it now, though, with them being fully geared taking up to half an hour before, now we’re done in a few minutes. I chucked them out the door, where the snow is almost all gone. There is only a little mound left.

It started getting warmer a few days ago, you see, and the snow starts getting soggy. Then came the rain, which washes lots of it away. And now, the landscape that was once covered in the beautiful, white pixie dust, has gotten back its natural brown and green colours.

They stayed outside playing for hours, and they requested their lunch outside so I made them a little picnic pack. All that fresh air is doing loads of good stuff for them, and they weren’t looking at going inside for a while.

Later we decided to walk to where my mother was working and ride with her back home. Norway is very much a mountainous country, and our house is sitting in one of the most elevated subdivisions of my hometown. This means that walking is either further up, or down. There really isn’t much straight walking around here. Today we were going down towards the town. A walk which would take just under half an hour when I do it myself (and do it casually), so I was interested to see how long it would take with all three of them in tow. They are known to stop and smell the roses, pick up things, and walking slowly in general. I got them redressed, as they were completely soggy and wet through after playing in the wet, and started walking. They absolutely loved it, and plan to do it again today. They were running, and playing with the leftover snow, and they were learning about the traffic rules and looking for trolls and just really enjoying it. I had promised them to stop at a shop along the way for a snack (as I really did not think they would enjoy the walk that much!), and we sat down next to a river to eat. It looked more like a waterfall today, because of all the melting snow in the mountains. We arrived at my mums work after 45 minutes, which was less than expected, and we will definitely do it again today! Melodie was so happy, as all the activities were “so good for her brain activity.”

I found a gymnastics group here on the island which Melodie could join while we are here, and although she doesn’t understand what they say, she caught on immediately! We went there last night, and she will absolutely go back next time, she says. She got home to her favourite dinner, and after all that activity she was starving.

It is actually were easy keeping the kids active, because all I need to do is just put their clothes on and put them outside. And the air up here is so fresh and clean, which is just what they need! Hello, new day and more walks, I say!




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