Week of Birthdays

When I was pregnant with Ricky, my due date was the 29th of January. I remember that I was happy, because there would probably be a week between Melodie and her, and the logistics of having two children with birthdays really close can sometimes be challenging. Then, when my doctor booked me in to have her on the 2oth, I remember thinking to myself, where there is a will, there is a way! And, really, if having two children with birthdays close is our biggest concern, we have it pretty good:)

It does make for an intense birthday week though! Wednesday was Ricky’s day, however we had an appointment for Melodie at the hospital that day, so we had to go there (which means a trip with the Ferry to get off the island and then half an hour driving). No problem though, we had a family breakfast with presents and favourite foods, then my sister came with us and took the youngest out for cake while we went to the hospital. She got to go to the toy store and we picked up some presents for her, and when we came back, Bestemor (which is norwegian for Grandmother) had made her cupcakes, so we sang and blew candles and she was nothing short of a happy little (not-so-much) bubba. Celebrating her entering into her third year was pretty cool!

Friday was Melodies day, and she got lots and lots of presents, and was happy as. Even more cake that night, and my Mormor (which is also norwegian for Grandmother) came and my Aunt came and Mormor made Ball (a norwegian dish, one of the best things in the world!) for all of us. Which was nice, not only because it was Melodies day, but also because my sister is travelling back to Aus this week, so she got to eat it again just before she left. It was lovely having so many people around for their birthdays!  

 On that very same night I went to another birthday party, my bestie shares a birthday with Ricky (I know, what are the odds?) and she had a party on friday night, which was great:) Always awesome when you get to party with your friends and celebrate the ones you love, and we went out and had a dance and life was good!

Saturday was spent planning and baking, because we had a party for the girls here today. Melodie woke up so excited, because her friends were coming! My friends here in Norway have, since Mel was born, been having babies, so there’s a great bunch of them from the age of 6 and down, the majority of them born in the last three years. These are obviously their friends, although they don’t speak the same language or may not have seen each other that much, but Mel, Soph and Ricks say they are, which is nice:)

The girls had an awesome party and enjoyed every bit of it, the food, the cake, the presents and the company. The oldest one has already asked when she can invite all of them here again, because “I Just love my friends so much…”

 Birthdays are a lot of fun, but I need a break from them for just a few days, thanks:)

(Another thing that I want to say is that although we are enjoying ourselves and have things to do and people to see, it is always sad that we don’t get to share these experiences with Simon. Sometimes, however, we need to make sacrifices in order to gain other things, and it is hard when it happens, but more rewarding in the future… Simon, we love you and miss you, and we never want to have another birthday without you again… Lots of loves and kisses from your girls ❤ )




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