Let’s do some reading

I actually love reading books. Being lost in a different world where I can get to know characters and places and mysteries that I don’t get to on a regular basis is like having my soul do a happy dance with every word. I usually always read fiction, only because I feel I need to identify with real stories for me to like them, however I have read good books in both fields – and if I have a special interest, I will still consider those books. The problem is, though, that since being a mother I tend to not pick up books and read them very often, as I find it takes me too long to finish them. There is just not enough time to ‘enjoy’ the book. I want to read heaps more. So I found this list a while back, and figured I could see how many of these categories I could tick off this year:


– A book based on a fairy tale

– A National Book Award winner

– A YA best seller

– A book you haven’t read since high school

– A book set in your home state

– A romance set in the future

– A book translated to English

– A book set in Europe

– A book that has less than 150 pages

– A New York Times best seller

– A book that’s becoming a movie This year

– A book recommended by someone you just met

– A self-improvement book

– A book you can finish in a day

– A book written by a celebrity

– A political memoir

– A book at least a hundred years older than you

– A book that’s more than 600 pages

– A book from Oprahs book club

– A science fiction novel

– A book recommended by a family member

– A graphic novel

– A book that’s published in 2016

– A book where the protagonist has the same occupation as you

– A book that takes place in summer

– A book and its prequel

– A murder mystery

– A book written by a comedian

– A dystopian novel

– A book with a blue cover

– A book of poetry

– The first book you see in a book store

– A classic from the 20th century

– A book from the library

– An autobiography

– A book about a road trip

– A book about a culture you are unfamiliar with

– A satirical book

– A book that takes place on an island

– A book that’s guaranteed to bring you joy

(http://www.popsugar.com/love/Reading-Challenge-2016-39126431 is where I got it from)

I have no actual belief that I will finish this challenge, as it has 40 categories, although some of them could be combined, it would still mean almost one book every week. But, still, it’ll be interesting to see how many I can do. My childhood home, where we are now, is basically a library, so there’s plenty for me to read!

Maybe I’ll even update here and write something about the book I am reading/just finished:) But don’t expect it any time soon! Hahaha:D




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