I remember back in the days, when you were so amazingly good. You were always the preferred one, chosen to do the thing, the Great Thing. And although They all masked their jealousy as admiration, they were all astounded by your ability to perform, and you showed all why it was you who were always on top. And we could see that you loved it. And maybe that’s what we all wanted to have, or be. The Genius. We all wanted to find our Genius. We all thought that you would be right there, in your zone, and you would perform, and excel and maybe one day even become famous for it! You nailed the Great Thing, almost every time. You were Genius.

But then, one day, you didn’t want to anymore. Maybe it was building up over time, or maybe you just woke up one day and thought; “Screw it.” And you quit being Genius. I mean, you are probably still really good at the Great Thing, you just stopped making it your main focus.

You stopped, and then you started living your life Average. You were a Perfectly Fine Average. And you still seemed happy. And we all Saw that it is okay being Average. Average is good. In fact, compared to loads of things, Average can be pretty great.

See, maybe where the rest of us have been busy trying to find our Genius, and live our Genius and be as Genius as we can, you simply realized that that was not what you wanted. It wasn’t the Happy you were after. Maybe all you did was long for Average.


We are all Genius. And we are all pretty Average. And you know what? We also Suck, all of us. But instead of trying to make everything in our life Genius, maybe we should accept Average, and rather focus on our own potential for Greatness that one day will be. We shouldn’t need to find the Genius everywhere, because it won’t be there. There is beauty in Average. And for some people, it is preferred. Let’s try to be happy about the perfectly good, Average parts that we all have.

Our Genius will come.



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