The Update!

I know, I know, this is waaay overdue! People have asked me left front and center if there is an update on our trip soon, as I have only posted scattered “We’re okay”‘s and that has left them all guessing and curious as to what we are doing in general.

So without further ado, the update is here! And maybe one day I’ll even post the photos from Christmas time  as well…:)

We left Adelaide on the 29th of December, on a very late flight, which I hoped would make the kiddies fall asleep quickly, however the staff was mucking around with serving dinner (who has dinner at 1am anyway?) for so long the girls were forced to stay up even longer, but then, by the time the lights were out, they were out. The first flight was a >13 hour one, and with two hours layover in Dubai, there wasn’t much time for fun. We rushed through to the next one, where, again, they slept for a great amount of time.

Arriving in Oslo, we embarked on another journey… You see, the custom rules of Norway says if you are arriving from an international flight and going forward on a domestic flight, you need to go through Customs with all your bags before dropping them off at the check-in again. We arrived at the baggage collection point, but of course, the littlies needed the toilet, so off we went with all our carry-on and Rickys stroller (and let’s be honest, the toilets there are not exactly made for travellers with bags…). Then, Melodie and Sophia proceeds to lock themselves in the toilets (one booth each) and I had nothing to unlock them with – Melodie got scared and cried and screamed and Sophia couldn’t care less… A beautiful lady who had just arrived helped them both out, despite busting to go herself, and the rest of the toilet-people couldn’t give any less fucks as the hustled in and out and showing their annoyance with me taking up two whole booths…:P

Anyway, after finally making our way through to Arrivals, with all our suitcases and kids in tow, we were happy to see some friendly faces to keep us company and offer my sleep-deprived brain some relief! The kids even got some presents and loved having ‘friends over.’

But then, at the gate, before boarding, the girls fell asleep. And trying to board the flight with half-asleep kids plus bags  and their temper is not easy. The poor girls were so-so tired and so-so worn out and they simply had enough, and finally, arriving at the last airport, they collapsed on top of me from exhaustion and they all slept in the car on the way home. Luckily, this is not something we do often! But all in all, it was quite a successful trip.

Since arriving, we’ve welcomed the new year, had a second Christmas celebration and lots of yummy, Norwegian food. The girls have had a BLAST playing outside in the cold, and when they got to see the snow falling down for the first time this year, they yelped with joy:) Unfortunately, there has been only a small amount of the white fluff arriving, and not enough to have proper fun. Anyway, the last weeks have gone to buying the necessary goods, like warm footwear for the littlies and stockings galore in order for them not to freeze, considering the average temperature has been way below zero since last year. There is even ice on the lakes around here, and my sister and I are planning a trip out for some proper skating soon!

We’ve been trying to catch up with friends and family, and we’ve generally just had a great time so far. I’ve already been for several walks around the area, which has almost brought me to tears, because it really is beautiful here.

I promise my updates will be more frequent, I’ve just needed to get to this point so I can continue on:)

Some photos:

New Years celebrations!


Some photos from one of my walks:)

Baking a birthday cake with Bestemor.
Learning to sow, chocolate cake time and sister cuddles<3

Pic from today, yes, that is a river frozen solid. I love it:D


Oh, and these are the only pics I took during our travels, girls thoroughly entertained:)





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