Careful what you say
This time of year
Tends to weaken me

And have a little decency And let me cry in peace

But there’s a place where I Erase the challenges I’ve been through

Where I know every corner, Every street-name all by heart

And so it is a part of my courageous plan to leave

With a broken heart Tucked away under my sleeve

I wanna go home for Christmas, Let me go home this year.

I don’t know what my future holds

But I can tell you where I’m from And who loved me to life.


(So lol, I am camping and my phone just doesn’t want to insert the actual movie, I’ll sort it out when we come home. But that’s the link to it anyway:))

The lyrics to this song is pretty much how I feel every Christmas. I actually shared this one last year as well. An though it may not actually be a Christmas song as such, it is to me, as she has captured how I feel every Christmas time. I just want to go home! This year I am happy though, as I am going back right after, but it is still something special to me that I can’t duplicate here!

So although my courageous plan to leave on my own for a while while Simon is off on his own adventures encompasses the travelling and leap of faith, the broken heart represents more the time we are forced to spend apart during the next few months. And then I’ll cry with this song again, as home is wherever my heart is<3




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