I’ve had to admit defeat

One of the (many!) Norwegian Christmas traditions is that of the Seven types of cookies. You’re meant to make seven varieties of cookies and biscuits, the dry type that keeps for a long time. This is so when you get people coming by your house during the holidays, you have got something to serve up. They are stored in proper Christmas tins, which often serve as a decoration on their own. Whatever biscuits aren’t eaten gets put back in the tin for the next visit. Around the country there are different types of cookies that are being made, my stepfather grew up with different varieties than my mother, because they came from different areas. Some, like gingerbread biscuits, would feature all over the country.

Today, not all of the treats have to be of the dry kind, we do have fridges now, so we can have things stored properly if it’s needed. Still, most people base their seven types around the traditional kind.

You have to have seven, though. Otherwise Christmas is not complete. But this year, I have to admit to having been defeated. I won’t be having seven. I may not even have half of that! There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Some of my favourites require cooling (well, here in Australia at least), and our main fridge just broke down, which means we are left with a rather small one. I just cannot justify taking up that much room for my selfish need.
  2. IT IS SO HOT HERE. Tomorrow is my baking day, and it’s meant to be over 40 degrees. Who wants to spend hours (because it does take hours) baking, inside, on such a hot day?? Not me…
  3. Kids. They love helping, but them helping means that things will take three times as long. Which in turn means I have to spend even longer in the heat making them. Otherwise I can just do it all by myself, but it’s meant to be fun for the family, not stress for me.
  4. We’re not getting many visitors anyway, and we’re leaving in 20-something days, so I don’t really see the point, other than keeping with tradition.
  5. Because I am going home to Norway, there will be plenty of treats left for me to eat, because by the time I’m there, everyone has had enough of it:)

I will be making some tomorrow, though, because I need some! I just haven’t decided which ones yet….:) (And if you’re in the area, stop by to have some, please!:D)

(Please, save some for me, Mamma?:D)




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