This is a Norwegian one, which always makes me cry for some reason! Back home, we believe in not only Santa Claus (or Father Christmas) but that every little farm had it’s own little helper, which we call “Nisse.” Santa is called “JuleNisse”, and there really isn’t an equivalent word for it, we can use ‘Gnome’, I suppose. This gnome would live in the barn and help around the farm with the animals, and made sure the horses and rest were okay. At Christmas time we pay tribute to the barn-gnome by putting out a bowl of porridge (which everyone eats at Christmas) for him as a thank you for his contribution.

This song is about the old gnome sitting in his barn, waiting for his serve of Porridge, as they forgot all about him last year. He is really sad, and is reminiscing about better times, considering whether he should just leave.

The song never really says whether he gets his porridge or not, though he ends up laughing together with the mice in the barn…:)

Back tomorrow with another one!




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