You know, reading other peoples blogs, I often tend to think that they have it all together. And then I think about my own blog. I rarely post “negative” things. I don’t complain often, and I try to post the nicest pictures.

The reason for this is split in two.

One, I’d like to use this blog as a reference in the future. When I look back on my life, partly through this blog, I don’t want to read about the nasty stuff. I want it to mostly be full of positive stories and things. For myself and the kids. And there is some stuff that’s not picture perfect. Just not a lot.

Two, I really don’t want to post it either, for the presence! I like to live in the awesome now, and not the terrible now. Writing about bad stuff happens in a different form for me, and not something appropriate for the blog all the time anyway. Whenever I write, I want it to fill me with good thoughts, and reliving it is meant to be good for me.

Ill show you something realz right now though, This is My lounge room right now. It’s nine o clock on a Friday night and I don’t even care. I’ve tried all day. Real parenthood right there!

Happy weekend!




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