My first purchase for Norway.

My home in Norway is surrounded by mountains. When we look out the window, there is basically only one direction where there is no mountain, and that is because the ocean is there. But if you look even further than the fjord you can see, there are more mountains. There are tops I can reach without driving to a starting point. There are tops I can reach, and then go straight onto another one, and then another one. There are super quick ones and ones that takes much longer. I could get lost up there, and I could easily find my way. One thing I really have been taking for granted while still living there, is having this opportunity to walk in them. Which means, that once I am back there, I am not going to do that anymore. I am hoping to go on a ‘fjelltur’ (a walk in the mountains) at least once a week. If I can get the little ones to come with me every now and then, that would be great. And if someone has a dog for me to take with, that would also be awesome! However, I also know, that the serenity of going all by myself is soothing and healing and something everyone should do sometimes!

When I last lived in Norway, while pregnant with Melodie, I did much more hiking than earlier in my life. It was only after having left my country behind and living in the outback of Australia, where, if it wasn’t for the fact that the planet is curved, you could basically see all the way to the other side of the country, I realised how much I’d missed those mossy, wet and rocky hills that were right at my footsteps.

While we lived in NSW, we did lots more hiking than over here. Maybe we found it more accessible there, although we have lots of reserves just up the hill. Or it could be that the little ones’ feet just can’t do it so committing to a 5km walk is a bit risky and we’ll end up with sad, tired little legs in the end. But we do like doing it, and over there, I was so close to buying proper hiking boots. I never did, though, and it was probably for the best, as I don’t like spending big money on things I won’t get to use that much. That’s why, when one of the shops here had a special offer on yesterday, with 40% off hiking shoes, I told Simon that “That’s what I want for Christmas!” So we went there, and I found some great ones, supposedly waterproof (which is needed over there) and I walked out happy as! They may or may not be as good quality as the ones I can buy over there, but for a fraction of the price, it will get me up the hill enough times to see if I should invest in better ones.

We won’t be buying much else for going over there though. Between bringing clothes and shoes and Christmas presents, there isn’t much we need. We all have our winter clothing over there, and even though we can bring 4 big suitcases, we probably won’t. A new suitcase may be on the cards. But my new boots are definitely coming!

You’re coming with me!




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