The hair conundrum

I haven’t cut my hair in over two years. The last time I did it I was still pregnant with Ricky, and she is soon 2 years old, so that says a lot. There are a few reasons for this, one being that a proper haircut can sometimes cost a lot and I can’t always afford it, another being that it can be time consuming, and whenever there is time for me to do it, I can always find something better to do with my time… Also, I don’t really care about having my hair cut. I mean, I like it being long, it’s been long most of my life and I prefer it that way. When I cut it last, it was up to just above the shoulders, and I was happy, but as it kept growing, I liked it even more.

But I want to cut it now. I have been wanting to do it for a few months. I was thinking I could donate the long hair that I would be cutting off, but honestly, they need 30cm, and I don’t think I am game enough to cut that much off at once!

Yesterday though, it was scorching hot here in Adelaide, and I nearly spat it. I told Simon I wanted it all cut off. I said, “I am going to cut it all off, to just under my chin, and that will be it.” He was very supportive actually, even though I know he likes it when my hair is long. I started looking at that style of haircuts, but it still didn’t sit right with me. So now I think I will go for something in between. Cutting it much shorter than what it is now (because it goes halfway down my back) but not quite as short as that. We’ll see. I may get it done next week, and I’ll post a before and after photo if I can remember it!

And I wonder how long it will be before the next one after that!




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