I love a busy life!

It’s been a while since I’ve written stuff about what we are doing here in camp SkingenKoch, and I just came home from the shops with the little ones both asleep so I quickly carried them in to their beds and realised I wanted a rest. 

But instead of actually resting, I’ll do some writing!

I love life most times, but I love it even more when it’s busy! And I’m not talking about the “busy making lunches and doing laundry” – I thrive when my agenda is packed with stuff to do, whether it is just for myself or with the whole family!

That means this week should be pretty good. Yesterday I was helping out with reading lines for the auditions for the new production (which obviously I can’t be a part of due I being overseas:p) and today I’ve been trying to find a costume for Melodies end of year showcase, while handing over some paperwork for our new car.

Tomorrow I am getting on the train early in the morning to go to Adelaide for an English speaking test (which I am slightly nervous about, but I’m sure I’ll be fine… Good luck wishes greatly appreciated!). The test is at 11, so I’m not home until some time in the afternoon.

Simon is working late Thursday night, and Friday he’ll go pick up Jasmine.

The weekend is the busiest of all, and I love it, because it’s filled with the stuff I love! Saturday I’m doing the rest of my English test, the hearing, reading and listening part, and in the evening I’m going to see a show with some awesome people! 

Then it’s early on it Sunday again, when I’ll take Melodie to the Adelaide Zoo for a Christmas party for special needs kids. She is gonna love it (and myself, just quietly!), and she is so looking forward to seeing the giraffes – if they still have them! 

After the Zoo I’m going to an info night or another musical, and to dinner with some more amazing people after!

So yeah, my week is looking pretty good, and I love it! I am soon starting my lists of what to bring and what to sort out before we go, because it is stressing me out slightly… I mean, we’re going to be away for a long time, and so is Simon! Lots to figure out.

Anyway, I love writing lists so it won’t be a problem!:D

How does your week look?




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