Future challenges

Last week I completed my challenge with the writing something every day. This week I have decided that our pool needs loads of using, seeing we will spend most of summer away and won’t get to, so this week I’ll be going for a swim every morning!

Then, the following weeks will look like this:

16.nov- Drink 2 litres of water every day

23. nov – DIY project.

30.nov – Early to bed every day.

7 dec – No sweets for a week.

14 dec – Post three videos.

21 dec – Wear make-up and different hair every day.

That will conclude this year challenges (can’t believe it’s only that many weeks until we leave!) and for next year I have decided that I will use the challenges for something good. For every week I don’t do a challenge, I need to donate $10 to the JDRF One Walk cause. And for every week I don’t complete the challenge, I need to do the same. Which means that I could end up donating up to $520 next year! This also means that if you have any idea for a type of challenge I can be doing next year, let me know 😀 I tend to sort of just do the same things, so variety is always good.




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