Sunday night Session

I figured I’d start a new trend with myself here on my blog. In life, we have many big events happening that we remember, and often we forget to notice and memorise the little moments. The everyday things that made us smile. So for my Sunday Night Session – on Sundays obviously, I will be taking the time to write down, for the future, and for anyone else interested, three memorable moments from the week. They don’t have to be positive ones, but I want them to be something that will make me start the new week on a high, rather than a low. These are my moments from this week:

  1. Rickys tiny little waving hand as she left to pick up her big sister. It is so uncoordinated and cute. Sometimes she just bends her little fingers, and the she rotates her whole hand from side to side, as if turning a door handle. So. Frickin’. Adorable. The only thing I could see through the car window was her itty bitty head and that hand waving ‘bye-bye.’
  2. Seeing Sophia sitting on the floor with an assortment of underpants-packs laid out in front of her for her to choose. This was an important decision, and there were many ‘uuuhm’ and ‘aaahm’s. She picked one with penguins. She was very content!
  3. Melodie and Sophia getting more and more confident in the pool, and the two of them playing and pretending to be lions and lionesses while splashing around was just absolutely adorable!

Ah… this weekend was one of those where everything was perfect. Great food, great feel, lots achieved, and exhausted at the end of it – in the best possible way! Last night we all slept so well as we were buggered, and tonight will be just the same, as we have spent the whole day outside and swimming in the pool.

Good week to you all!:D




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