JDRF – One Walk pictures!

Do you know how far 5km is? Well, I will tell you it is just long enough for a three year old to walk by herself, even if it’s Sophia. The girls did such an awesome job at the charity walk today, and we are so proud. Proud that we have raised $700 (which earned Melodie a stuffed Lion!), proud that we are doing something rather than always saying “we should do something” and proud that everyone finished the whole walk, with only a small amount of complaining!:D

When we arrived there, we got a hat for Melodie that shows she is Type 1, and then we warmed up before we headed off on our walk!

Ready for walks in their new t-shirts!
Ricky ready to roll!

Warming up as a pro!

Pre-walk drinks!

Our little Melodie is off by herself!

It’s good having some shoulders to lean on for a bit!

At the half-way mark!

IMG_1216Sophia needed Mums hand sometimes!

IMG_1219Nothing is better than lunchtime after a big walk!


You know, selfies and stuff!

The team, except me, in our Walk 4 Melodie t-shirts, which were a hit on the walk, with everyone commenting on how much they loved them!

We were the only team with our own t-shirts, and the organizers wanted us to be in their photo from the day because of their awesomeness!:D


While the girls were in the bouncy castle, Ricky got to play in the playground!

So did Simon:)


Me and my gorgeous walkers!<3


And then, not surprisingly…


…this happened!<3

It was such a great day, with awesome music, beautiful food and lovely weather! Next year I hope to add people to our team, and we are making our goal $700 then, we need to always aim for more than last time! 😀

I even bought a couple of raffle tickets, and for once we actually won! Simon (well, it was I) won himself a brand new weed killer spraymachine to put on his back, and he has already tried it on and sprayed with it, so this day was awesome on many, many levels!

Again, thank you to all donations, you guys are just incredible!:D




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