We’re there!


One thing I always said to myself when it came to toilet training was that I am just not a fan of forcing something upon my children. With Melodie, it went really quickly once she really wanted to, but up until she was ready, nothing much happened. I remember having her in childcare at that point, and pretty much all of the other kids were toilet trained. They told me she should be out of nappies ‘by now’, which made me feel as if I had failed at some point. After having spoken to my mum, who has worked for many years in childcare centres in Norway, with my Grandmother doing the same thing for so many years before retiring, I was reassured that that was utter nonsense, and there is no such thing as ‘too late toilet training.’ She was only two and a bit at that stage. The next time they raised the issue, I confidently told them: “No, we are not putting any pressure on her, she is a child. She will be fine.” And fine she was. Only a few weeks after having turned three, she also turned her back on the nappy and the dummy.

Now it is Sophias turn. She, like Melodie, has been put on the potty or the toilet occasionally over the last year, and she has every now and then gotten lucky. But she has had no interest in actually doing it. She has simply been happy in the nappy. Fair enough. But last weekend she had taken it off for a swim in the pool, and she came racing in to go to the toilet. And since then, she has only worn a handful of them. This week, we went to the show to buy her first undies, and she proudly showed them to everyone in the shops.

Today Simon and I got to see that we are actually there with her now. Of course, she is completely dry, but today she told us that she did NOT need nappies anymore. We tried to put one on her for a long drive in the car, and she simply refused! That’s when we knew she was there. There’s no way back!

A thing pretty much only parents see the value of…:) Still, very proud!




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