Gift ideas for little girls (well, mine anyway)

Christmas is coming around, and we’re lucky enough to have two birthdays in the month following, so people are starting to ask what they wish for. Although I always say that they need nothing, (and it is not even a lie, they would not even know, and they are just as happy with a card. Like, serious. And because we have to travel back with things, well… You get the picture:)) Of course, not everyone likes that answer (I know I don’t, lol), so I thought I’d compile a list of things that we (adults AND kids) would appreciate as presents:

  1. Hair accessories. OMG these things always disappear, and I have three heads they can go on, so anything cute or useful to put in their hair is much appreciated. It does not take up much room to put in a suitcase either.
  2. Same thing, it always disappears. Textas are not ideal, thicker pencils are perfect, but hey, anything will do! All my little ones love writing, drawing, colouring and sticking, so cute little books with matching pencils or crayons (or, really anything in that genre) is perfect.
  3. Honestly, if you made them a card with a promise of taking them to the movies, on a boat trip, sleepover, a picnic or a gift voucher to the swimming centre or an indoor playground, they would love you forever. This is especially useful while in Norway as they will treasure that more than anything we can bring back here!
  4. I know, it is boring, but I am not talking about handing them a ten-dollar note and say “buy yourself something nice.” I am talking about rounding up your change for them to put in their piggy bank and see their goal of that big toy or whatever they are saving up for getting closer. Put it in a cute little pouch or something and you’re set! Especially handy if you are strapped for time and money but would like to see their smiles light upJ
  5. Make-up. Controversial for some, yes, but I don’t mind. If they get to have a play with make-up it is removed right away. And they have a bit of fun with it. My girls love painting each other’s faces, and so far they are not making themselves ‘pretty’ as much as they are making each other into Tigers, pirates and aliens.
  6. Dress-up things. Yeah, they may take up more room than other things, but this is something they can never get enough of. Accessories for princesses or hats or noses or anything they can make their imagination run wild with is like gold to those little ones.
  7. Two of my girls have those bracelets where you can add charms and beads to them (the third one is getting one soon), and they are great for people to get something small, but special for them to keep forever. And obviously other things are fun, too, but mine are just as happy with the fake stuff from the $2 shop as anything else!
  8. Charity ‘things’. This may only apply to Melodie though, but we are always talking about the rest of the world, how we are luckier than most people, and that is why we put money in the donation tins and why we donate our unused things. She has even given away things happily because the wants other girls to play with it. She is very much aware. Although she may not understand the concept of buying someone a chicken or a goat, if you buy her a piece of the Amazon rain forest or a stuffed teddy where the proceeds go to WWF, she would love it! And you would also teach her a wonderful lesson:)

That’s all I can come up with at the moment, they don’t need anything anyway, but here’s something:)



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