The BIG pics!

So I’m back on the weekly challenge again, continuing with another ‘Write every day’ week, and I thought I’d start with the photos from our production of BIG the Musical, as I promised last week! Still having post-show blues, btw.

The weekend before the opening weekend, some of us went to the beach, where we explored our inner child:D

Jess and I<3, Eyes on Fleek and don’t you just want to steal that look?

Change room shenanigans, my lovely Sandy and I plus the gorgeous Cheryl and Leanne in their corner!

  Leading lady Kate and myself<3, more change room pics plus Leanne and I “selfie-bombing.” It’s a new thing.

  After party no. 1 – at Sandys, where the cake first made its appearance! Me and my Dione, and with Charlie; our amazing leading man!

What happens at the after party, ends up on my blog… So:) nice selfies with Jake, Charles and Emma!

The crowds gotta eat! BIG family dinner second weekend.
 Part of Our set, an empty theatre before the show, and my change room space – all the essentials!

Second cast party, Kate’s game-themed party, with loads of entertainment in the form of Cards against Humanity and the likes:)

Towards the end of the night/beginning of the morning:p

Final weekend, myself and the beautiful Amie, Kate in her one-of-a-kind BIG shoes (nobody is jealous:)) and the last supper before our last show!

And now, a bunch of pictures from the actual show, most of them have me in them because of narcissism and stuff:) (And lol, I don’t want to put ALL the photos of others up without consent.. Oh, and btw, I don’t know who to credit these photos to, but the Northern Light Theatre Company made them happen at least! And if anyone knows, let me know.)Big - Pieter 366 Big - Pieter 370

Big - Pieter 374 Big - Ron 004 Big - Ron 007Big - Pieter 379Big - Ron 264Big - Ron 270Big - Pieter 388Big - Ron 062Big - Ron 066Big - Pieter 407Big - Ron 306Big - Ron 327Big - Ron 080Big - Pieter 435Big - Pieter 429Big - Pieter 086Big - Ron 418Big - Ron 162Big - Ron 163Big - Pieter 270Big - Pieter 507Big - Pieter 517Big - Ron 458Big - Ron 455Big - Ron 174Big - Ron 462Big - John 080Big - Pieter 287Big - Pieter 293Big - Pieter 537

Aaah, it was such an awesome time! ❤ to all the BIGsters!



(oh, and PS. My own photos are edited, but if you’re interested in the original, lemme know:))


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