Thoughtful Tuesday – RANT

Gaaaaah, sometimes I just don’t understand what people are thinking with.

Today was the second time in as many weeks someone came knocking on our door wanting my money for their charity. Fair enough, I understand they want money, but I am slightly (read quite) annoyed.

1. DO NOT KNOCK THE DOOR DOWN between 11-2. We have several prams displayed out the front of the house, that five second look around will tell you everything there is to know about out family, including the fact we have little ones, which will likely be sleeping during this time. If you use your sledgehammer to knock on the door, they WILL wake up. And I will hate you.

2. If you have woken up the kids, I am not going to talk to you. I will tell you, sincerely, that I don’t have time. Because if I talk to you, they may run away, or empty the fridge. So sorry, not sorry. Take my coins and leave, but I won’t sign up.

3. If I tell you they are sleeping in the room right next to where you are standing, what I am actually trying to say it STFU or keep it down to barely speaking. Also, keep in mind that if I am wasting my precious minutes of kids sleep time talking with you, it means less time for me to do the housework, drink my coffee or SLEEP. So BE NICE.

4. If you have succeeded in not waking them up, I may talk to you, but INTRODUCE YOURSELVES! I am not going to hand over my credit card details to anyone coming to my door unless they actually tell me who they are working for. It doesn’t matter what kind of statistics you throw in my face and pictures of starving children you make me look at, I care, I do, but I still have to be critical. A logo on a t-shirt is not enough. Tell me who your boss is goddammit!

5. I do not like the way the charities are doing it these days, honestly. I know they do lots of good work, but the way they want me to just throw my credit card details in their face, to plot in onto their fancy iPads (which could probably pay for a few months of food for the thrid-world’s children) gives me shivers down my spine. And no, I will not go and get my bank statement for you to get my bank details. It ain’t happening. Show me the tin for me to put my money in, and I will gladly chuck in whatever I have in the house, or tell me how I can give you a once-off donation, but no, no details from me.

6. WHY ARE THERE NO BROCHURES? If I am not willing to commit on the spot, you should have some kind of information I can take with me back to my (now cold) lunch and read, so I can be even more informed. “Well, I am the walking brochure” sounds great in theory, but I actually like to make decisions after having dwelled on them for more than 20 seconds.

and lastly:

7. If I do NOT give you my details, for whatever reason you will accept before I tell you to get stuffed, don’t walk away like a brat. I understand this is your job, and I probably don’t have anything against you personally, I just don’t like this way of operating. AND my coffee is getting cold, goddammitt. Now, if you only had a brochure…

I think I need to make a do-not-disturb sign…. Back to reheating my coffee! Again…



One thought on “Thoughtful Tuesday – RANT

  1. I hear you! Honestly it’s to the point where I let my dogs tell me who is at the door. They know the neighbourhood kids and will bark at solicitors. I’m at the point where I won’t even answer the door without my dogs’ blessings. 😂


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