Outsmarted by a five-year old.

We’re in the car, on our way to the hospital for an appointment for Melodie. She is getting a continuos glucose monitor put on for a week, I’ll write more about that later.

One of the shops here have got these cards that you can collect, and she didn’t have that many until a friend of mine have me a whole heap and Melodie woke up to a stack of them. They are full of information about dinosaurs (and we all know of her obsession with the prehistorics!) – and then the very next day her Nanna came over with an album to put them in. Since then, I was given even more, and she is well on her way to complete the collection!

She is bringing her album to the hospital, and the kids are sitting there discussing the different Saurs:

Sophia: “That’s a T-Rex!”               Melodie: “yes, he’s a dinosaur.”   Sophia: “no!, it’s a t-Rex Melodie!”

And an argument ensues, because Sophia doesn’t yet grasp the concept, that he is both things, and Melodie has yet to learn how to explain it in lay mans terms.

Me: “Sophia, a T-Rex is a type of dinosaur, just like a stegosaurus, cretoxyrhina and a pteranodon!” (she nods, happy with that…)

Melodie: “well, actually mom. You’re not quite right…. A Pteranodon is a Pterosaur…. NOT a dinosaur…”

So. Well. Take that mum.




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