QUick update, with some exciting news!!

I know I have been very absent here lately, which has several reasons! For one, I have been b.u.s.y! WIth the show being on and last week being hectic as because it was production week with costumes and make-up and mic checks and all other things included, and then during the day I was a housewife. It doesn’t leave much time for extracurricular activities!
The show has been so much fun, though, so I don’t mind at all that it is taken up all my time, in fact, I would do this forever if I had the choice! This week has been better though, timewise, as we didn’t have anything on until thursday. After opening weekend and a great cast party, it was back to reality with school holidays finishing and life beginning to normalise.
The second reason for not having been very active, is our unstable internet. We just haven’t had anything good enough to do much more than posting short things on facebook. That’s been about it. And even then, nothing more than a couple of words here and there (if lucky, I have been able to message people privately!) But it seems to be better now, so touch wood, and hopefully it will be a bit better from now.
When it comes to the challenges, last weeks was easy, it was the make-up every day one, which was a bit of a cheat challenge seeing the show was on, but hey, let’s have some easy ones! I decided to have a challenge-less week this week as I really just forgot to even check what it was meant to be until late night tuesday, so I am starting the next one next week.
I do, really, have some news to share with you all, though! Some exciting things have happened in the last week! First of all, our charity walk we are doing in only a few weeks have reached its target! We are so happy that there are all these beautiful people that have donated money to our cause, of course we know not everyone will always be in a financial position to make donation, and with every money ticking in we have been overjoyed! I mean, we have reached our target, and THEN some more, and for every dollar and cent over we will be even happier and happier. Melodie has been so happy to hear that there are all these people that care about her all over, and she is looking forward to making cards for everyone who has sponsored us, as well as walking. We are of course taking conations up until the walk on the 7th of november, so if you still wanted to support our cause, please do!:D

Just some bankstage snaps, more to come later!

In other news, surprising to some, there are things happening at the end of the year! You see, we are going to Norway, again! I know there are people waiting for us to move there as soon as possible, but you’re getting the second best for now, which is me and the kids staying there for months and months. Simon has been given an amazing opportunity in his work that he simply could not say no to, and will be overseas working for several months, so instead of us being here all by ourselves, we’re going to live in Norway for some months. So all of you who are going home for christmas, stay slightly longer so you can hang with me over new years! We will be arriving on the 30th of December, and there will be a few hours layover in Oslo, so if you won’t be home (aka Sunnmore) and want to see us, send me a message!
That was just a quick update, I am now off to get some stuff organised for today, we have TWO shows today, one at 2 and one at 8, then yet another BIG cast party, so this will be hectic but amaaazing! Gotta love it!


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