It’s time! 

It’s opening night tonight for our show, and I couldn’t be more excited!After a hectic but awesome week of rehearsals, last minute changes, make-up, dancing, costumes and more rehearsing, I decided that we’d all take a run to the beach. 

I never realised how much I love the sea until I went to australia and was stuck inland for weeks. Once I arrived in Adelaide, and I saw the ocean again, life instantly improved.

I think growing up by the sea has automatically made me love it, and it creates a calm in me I have only ever found in the opposite – on the top Of a mountain.

Lying down, watching the girls build their castles, going in for a dip and hearing the waves crash has put me in the right mindset for tonight, we are going to kill it! I am excited, happy and just nervous enough:)   

 Now all I need to do, is go home, rest, and then go hard:)

Back to the 80’s tonight!

(Chookas to all my fellow cast and crew for the season, let’s make it BIG!)




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