I failed.

Last week’s challenge was all about getting as much sleep as possible, but I think I already knew I would fail. I went to sleep as early as possible Monday and Tuesday (Melodie and I went together Tuesday), but I stayed up longer Wednesday. I had a good reason, though, as I wanted to listen to the radio interview where some of the cast and our director was, and this was late at night. Then, on Thursday, after rehearsal, some were going to the pub for a hangout after, and so I joined them… I thought I was going to hop straight to bed Friday night when the girls were asleep, though, but we needed to get the house ready for an inspection the day after, so that was just not happening… Saturday night I technically could have had an early night, but I wanted to go to the beach with some cast members from BIG, (and who am I kidding, I had already failed anywayJ) but yesterday I was in bed less than a minute after parking the car in the driveway. Sooo, three nights out of seven….`:)

Looks like I will be trying that one again another week instead:)!

For this week, it is the make-up challenge, a bit of a cheat week since I need to put make-up on anyway for most of the days! But I will be trying a new look tonight, and then it will be Showtime!




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