“How challenging…”

Last Monday I wrote down the challenges I have set for myself in the next weeks, last weeks was a success, which was the baking one, but this week will be hard! I am supposed to go to bed as soon as the kids are asleep, and that will be quite challenging!

Firstly, I usually have many jobs around the house that I simply can’t do while they are all awake, (such as cleaning the floor and sorting through their clothes) and then I like to wind down with some tv-watching at night, so this means I’ll miss out! But between late nights at the theatre/studios and still recovering from sickness, it would do me good. So bye, bye TV and couch, helloooo bed time:)

It is a slightly cheating week though, because Jasmine is here, and she stays up a bit later, and I also have at least three late nights, so I would only have to do it four nights…:)

Bring on the sleep, I say!




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