Fairy cake and Birthday bash

Recently it was Sophia’s birthday, and we didn’t want to have too much stress having a party for her, you know how we always overdo it? To her, it’s a great party if there is playing and cake. So we invited just a very few people she considers her friends (one of which she sings about being her best friend daily:)) and decided on a BBQ – as is the Aussie way to celebrate pretty much everything!:)

We served up marinated chicken pieces and sausages, with a pasta salad and a potato bake Simons mother kindly made for us.

The night before was spent making the birthday cask for Sophia, and I was quietly impressed with myself.

(As you can see, the trail was made by strawberries, as I didn’t get enough fondant and the shops were closed. But hey, let’s call it a lace trail!:))

We served the cake up together with jelly (because no kids parties are complete without jelly) and an ice cream bar with loads of different types of toppings! It was great:) We even had coffee and scones!

It was such a great party, the kids loved it, the adult company was awesome as well, and we had a really good time. After a football kick in the park it was time to part ways and at bedtime the kids were pretty much asleep as soon as they hit their pillow!

An awesome party with a little to no stress level, jut the perfect way!:)




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