How I’m spending my day…

… I just sat down after having walked up and down the CBD in Adelaide, buying dance shoes and looking for things to use for the upcoming show. I cannot remember the last time I went to Adelaide completely alone, and I think I should do it more. I’ve got lots done, and now, before I head home, I am sitting down with my list, happily ticking off quite a few things. Oh, and sipping on this lovely icy coffee (although the weather is telling me a warm one would be just as good.).

Being here alone reminds me how I am so not a local. I am still somewhere in between the backpacker I once was and the resident I now am. I don’t meet anyone I know, but I still know enough to not be a tourist. It’s actually a nice feeling. Being both, I mean.

I’ll be on my way home again soon enough. But for now, I am spending my day right here!




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