Next challenge!

Well, this week the challenge was posting a blog post every day, which I certainly did (and it was harder than I thought, only because my days have been crazy busy with Simon not being here) – so now it is time for a new challenge.

One thought I had was to, since it has now been four weeks, go back an redo the challenge I didn’t complete, and then I will do that every four weeks (unless, of course, I succeed!). And I have decided to set up a challenge for the next four weeks so I don’t forget to make one. Therefore:

Challenge number 5:
Baking something every day. This is the one I didn’t succeed with last time, so let’s try again!

Challenge number 6:
Go to bed as soon as the kids are sleeping. With the exception of rehearsal nights, I will be going to bed asap, as the next week is production week, and getting a head start by being well rested will do nothing but good, I reckon!

Challenge number 7:
Wearing make-up every day. I have got a pretty big collection of make-up, and to use some of it up, I thought I could decide to use make-up every day (This will include as much as I have time to put on, but needs to be more than just mascara). This also means I will get better at applying it, which I am not, and because this is production week, I will be putting make-up on for dress rehearsals and the show anyway. Good week for a bit of glam!

Challenge number 8:
Drinking two liters of water every day. Second week of the show season, I need something that won’t be too hard to do, but I want something that will serve as a positive in regards to the show. So I will drink lots of water! God knows I don’t drink nearly as much as i should, so this should be good!

There we have it, the next month of challenges. I start tomorrow by baking yummyness and scrummyness!




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