Get outta here!

A few weeks ago, I woke up feeling a cold coming on. I usually never get a serious cold. I might cough, or get a sore throat, but it will never last. This time, however, I did everything right. I started treating it right away. Being home alone with the kids, and a show opening in only few weeks, I just did NOT have time for any sickness.

I asked around on Facebook for advice, and I got lots. I went to buy apple cider vinegar, I have been trying to stand over a pot of boiling water (in lieu of a steamer/vaporiser) and I have been drinking lots. It looked like it was working. Monday morning this week I felt much better, and I only counted a few times of coughing. I was able to sing properly at rehearsals (where I had previously only sung the low parts or not at all) and I was happy. Then, Tuesday, I started coughing up slime… I was disgusted and worried, and looked at it as if I was coughing up blood. I still gargled, inhaled, swallowed and consumed the disgustingest of concoctions to try to beat this. In Norway we say “vondt skal vondt fordrive” – which essentially means that to get rid of anything bad, you have to treat it with something bad. Which is more often than not, true.

The weekend came again, and by Friday, I was back to feeling better and happy as. I had yet to taken any real medication, except for cough syrup, and was glad to be back on track, but when I went to bed in the night, everything changed. I found myself sitting up in bed, coughing and hurting, and not able to swallow – and it was as if the mucus had inhabited my chest and growing roots. Frickin’ great. I got up, went through the cupboard to find the strongest pain killers I could find so I could get some sleep.

And then today. Now the nose has decided to kick in as well. I am just waiting for the migraine to emerge now. I think I may need to try the next option on the list, which was the advice of getting bisolvon and nurofen. The option after that was going to the lengths of getting antibiotics, and unless I am better by Thursday, I will go straight to the GP for that. I am sick (pun intended) of this, I can’t get proper sleep, I am weak, and we are opening in 19 days, so this needs to get out of here fast!


Not happy Jan.




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