Throwback Thursday – Happy Birthday!

Today is a special day in our house, so it was easy to choose the throwback.

Our little two-year old is turning three today! I can hardly imagine what life was like without the little pocket-rocket that we now have running around in our house, but she has only been around for three years. I can still remember when she was only two weeks old, rolling from tummy time onto her back – over and over again – and it was clear already then that she was going to be a strong-willed, strong-minded and powerful little chick. And boy, where we right!

Ever since she started walking, she has been high and low and everywhere in between. I have had near-heart-attacks more times than I can count, but by some immeasurable force, she has never injured herself. We took her swimming, and the folks around us were astounded by her joy of being in the water – we could hardly keep her out!

While I was rehearsing for Beauty and the beast, when she was only 7-8 months old, I had to wait until she was asleep. She just couldn’t help singing along with me, to everything. Even now, singing songs for my current show, she sings her heart out, with correct lyrics AND harmonies. I don’t know how she does it. Simon has made her a ballet barre, because she is our little ballerina, and will take every opportunity to do one of her moves for us.
Man, I love this girl. Three years of absolute joy, some terrifying moments, and times when I thought I was at my wits’ end – but mostly the most gorgeous laughter filling up every inch of our home, and the absolutely loveliest way of caring for her sisters.
We are so excited to see where our little entertainer ends up in the world. She has every potential and trait to become some kind of a leader – but only time will tell!

Happy Birthday my gorgeous, curly-haired Sophia. Never stop being you.





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