Number Three – Our day at the Show!

I am going to be absolutely honest with you. It is Monday right now, and I am editing this post. You see, last night, when I started creating this video, to finish up the challenge for last week – it failed on me. That is, the movie was edited, with captions and sounds and all sorts, but then, once I was going to save it to the computer before uploading it, it failed and wouldn’t do it. I googled and googled and re-made it and tried again, and nothing seemed to work. It was only until the very end of the night I tried doing it without any captions, and no added sounds that I was successful. So even though this was originally posted at 12:30 at night, I am giving myself a win, because it was not human error, it was technology!

So the video is, unfortunately, without any caption, but it is still our Show day, going to the Royal Adelaide show! You get to see a small part of the magical dance show we saw (which was MY highlight), showbags, ferris wheel, dancing, monster trucks and a Fairy Farmer (not to be mistaken for a dairy farmer…). All five girls had a blast, and Melodie has started planning for next years show!:D

Enjoy the movie!




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