Election tiiime!

One thing I have really noticed while living in Australia, is that NOBODY CARES when the elections are on. Not the local ones anyway. Maybe it’s because we have moved around so much, and don’t feel like we belong anywhere, but after seven years there has been a few elections, and I really know nothing about the political parties. I know a few things about the nations’ leading parties, but absolutely nothing about the locals. It is as if they are just some randoms sitting in an office. And I am someone who cares above-averagely about politics. Nobody has ever come to me and talked politics. Not someone campaigning at the local shops, not someone who has been door-knocking to talk about their views on different subject. Nobody has ever tried to sway my (non-existent nonetheless) vote in their favour. Why not?

In Norway, however, it is different. Today is election day in Norway. Not the national leaders, but the leaders on a county and municipality level. Which we still think is very important. We are always being told and discussing about cases that will affect us either in the near future or later on. We care. And we are always swarmed with information on who and why and what and where during their campaign. I feel as though people do care more there. I could be wrong, of course.

I care enough to have traveled to the other side of Adelaide to find the Norwegian Consulate and cast my vote – which has in turn been sent across the world, so that I can have a say in what goes on. I think it is important. Caring, that is. Although nothing directly affects me today, we know nothing about tomorrow. So unless we care, and try to make a change, nothing will happen.

I am not allowed to vote here in Australia. But I am still allowed to vote for what is best for MY country. And I did.

Good Luck to everyone on election day – I hope you make the best choice for our country and our community. And most importantly – use your vote!





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