The 2nd Challenge – how did I go?

So, I set a challenge last week that I should be baking something every day. Monday I even made two different things, bread rolls and a cake to share with the cast, then Tuesday I made yummy pizza scrolls. I spent Wednesday making a decadent chocolate pecan cake, since we had early fathers day celebrations. I was on a good run.

Then, on Thursday, nothing. I completely ran out of time to do all the things I wanted, and I figured I could whip up something quick in the evening, but by the time I was home from rehearsals, I was buggered.

Friday Melodie stayed home from school, and while the little ones were sleeping, I whipped up another slice I intended on bringing to rehearsals Sunday, using heaps of the lemons I needed to get rid of. That was the last of it. Although I made it to five different things, the weekend was a complete write-off, having sick kids and no husband around. It was ambitious, but oh, well. I’ll try again when I have someone here with me!

This week I thought I’d choose something that will be easier considering the time I have to spend doing it, and maybe improve my skills as well. So for this week, I’ll be making some (I’m thinking three) videos up to share here on the blog! It will probably be a mash-up of snapchat clips and some other stuff, mostly focusing on the kids, but hey, if you have a wish for what the videos should include, let me know!

Anyway, wish me luck on my challenge!

Not good photos as all, and I only snapped two of the things!

I’ll upload photos of the things I did make a bit later today, they’re on my phone!




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