Hello there, Mr. Murphy.

I was woken up this morning, early, by a Melodie telling me she shouldn’t go to school today. She felt sick. She LOVES going to school and would normally stomp her feet if I told her she couldn’t come, so I believed her and let her sleep in. She didn’t wake up until 10:30.

She seemed fine, and she was playing around with her sisters all day, being her normal self. I realised maybe she wasn’t feeling as bad as she made out, and we went for a trip to the shops. The girls were happy and cheerful and although they have all been coughing and harking for a few days, they all seemed fine.

Melodie only picked at her dinner, before going for an after-dinner nap. I could tell she wasn’t feeling too good, and not long after, she was up, vomiting for the first out of (so far) three times this evening. Of course. Welcome home, Mr. Murphy. It just so happens that Simon’s not at home tonight, so I had to deal with that alone, all while getting the rest of the squad to bed. Right now they are all sleeping, luckily.

The worst part is that a diabetes sick day is not like any normal sick day. She has only had one unit of insulin for the whole entire day, and that was in the morning when she had some warm milk and honey. She has only eaten half a banana and a part of a cracker since then, so she hasn’t needed any, but it worries me of course. We haven’t had a sick day with her since we changed her slow-release insulin last year, so I don’t know how her body will react to it. Will she need more, or should I hold back? I am just going to wing it, use my instinct and hopefully I’ll be right! Any way, this will be a night of waking up and check her levels continually, that’s for sure.

I just hope she is the only one, and that the other two escape it!

(Oh, and for an update on my mental well-being, after this post a few weeks back, I have booked in to see someone in a few weeks. Taking care of business.:))

And also a shout out and lots of love to my baby sis who is also not too well at the moment, We love you ❤




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